Grab your dog and come on down. Oh yeah, roll up your sleeves and getting ready to wash! This is for the motivated canine hygienist out there who likes to get a little wet and sudsy in order to get their dog nice n clean.

We carry Hypo-Allergenic, Oatmeal and Flea Shampoos. After 5 Washes, Get the 6th FREE! Never Expires Shampoo Discount $1.00 Off.

No Appointment Necessary. Last Wash 30 Minutes before Closing. $16

 We supply the Shampoos, Cologne, Ear Cleaner, Conditioning Spray and Blow Dryers at no extra cost.



Paw Pad Trim

By keeping your dog’s paw trim and neat, not only will the dog feel better and be less susceptible to irritations but he/she will look neat and have better movement as well as not bringing so much dirt into the house.


Nails Clipping

Clipping your pets nails are imperative to routine maintenance of your dog.


Nail Smoothing

We will smooth out your pets nails so they are shorter and rounder.


Nail Painting

Dog owners have pampered their pups for years, from dressing them up in fancy clothing to dying their fur exotic colors, and dog nail polish can add the finishing touch to the makeover. Ask About our Colors!


Sanitary Trim

We shave the area on the belly and around the anus and is done to keep this area more sanitary.


Pampered Pet Upgrade

We give your dog the ultimate in spa pampering. They will receive teeth brushing, breathe freshner, shampoo and conditioner upgrade, and a soft paw and soft nose treatment.


Medicated Shampoos

Depending on the needs of your dog, our grooming services and self service dogwash have various shampoos to aid your pup.We offer pramoxine, chlorhexidine, benzoyl peroxide, and myconazole.



If your dog has knots and matting in the coat, we need to charge extra $ for time and effort in getting them out and restoring the coat.


Flea Shampoo

Fleas are tough to deal with, let us! We can kill the fleas in an all natural way that is not harmful to your dog.


Skunk Shampoo

For dogs that just got skunked and need a little attention. Our specifically formulated skunk shampoo will help cut down the odor.


Feather Extension

Add a splash of flair! Your dog will look hip and cool with this Feather Extension.


Eye Trim Only

"Do It Yourself" Dog Wash.


Express Service

We will groom your dog in and out so that your dog won't be in the crate.


Ears Plucked and Cleaned

"Do it Yourself" Dog Wash.


Doggie Art

We can give your dog a temporary tattoo or do some hair coloring.


Teeth Brushed & Oral Gel

Helps prevent bad breath and oral bacteria


De-shed Treatment

Love your pet but hate the shedding? Our De-shed treatment will help to reduce the undercoat and loose hair saving you time.



Re-Moisturizing Treatment


Walking Charge

Dogs left over 4 hours.


Blueberry Facial

Pamper your pet with our Blueberry Facial! Not only will you love the way your pet smells but this treatment can also aid in the reduction of bacteria around the eyes as well as exfiliate your dogs skin!


Anal Glands

Is your dog "scootiing" or licking its hind area? It may be time to have his/her glands expressed. We can help with this during your dogs grooming or while your washing your dog at the DIY dogwash.